Chipped and Broken Teeth in Riverside, CA

chippedToothWhile teeth are extraordinary strong and endure a lot of wear and tear, they can become chipped, broken or cracked. Untreated cavities can weaken a tooth, though trauma to the mouth is the most common reason for teeth injury:

Being hit in the mouth Falling Biting something hard Chipped Teeth

Chipped teeth often don’t initially hurt, but we recommend scheduling an appointment for an oral exam when your first notice the damage. Even though the chipped tooth may only hurt when the temperature changes in your mouth (drinking or eating something hot or cold), underlying damage may worsen the situation.

Broken Teeth

With a broken tooth, it is important to see your dentist immediately. In the meantime: Rinse your mouth with warm water Apply pressure with a clean cloth to any bleeding areas apply an ice pack to the injury to minimize swelling.

Once at Jurupa Springs Family Dentistry, a comprehensive oral exam can determine if the break was caused by a cavity, and if there is danger to the tooth’s nerve.

Jurupa Springs Family Dentistry Can Help

There are a number of treatments our skilled dentists can use to repair your chipped or broken tooth:

Polishing (for minor flaws) Reshaping and filing Crowns Root canal treatment (in more serious cases) Tooth extraction (in extreme cases)

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If you have noticed a chip in your tooth or if your tooth has broken, the dentists at Jurupa Springs Family Dentistry have the resources necessary to repair the damage. Contact us today at (800) 881-0393.