Sleep Apnea Treatment in Riverside CA

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by repeated pauses in breathing during sleep. Breathing pauses can last anywhere from several seconds to minutes, and happen as often as 30 times or more per hour.

People with sleep apnea will partially awake as they struggle to breathe, and this is often accompanied by loud snoring or choking sensations. Because people with sleep apnea don’t always completely awake during the episodes, they are often unaware they have a sleeping disorder and it can remain undiagnosed.

Common signs of obstructive sleep apnea can include severe early morning headaches, sleepiness in the daytime, and insomnia. Fortunately, the dentist is equipped with the necessary technology and expertise to treat sleep apnea in several different ways.

What does sleep apnea treatment involve?

At Jurupa Springs Family Dentistry, we can offer many different treatment options that depend largely on the exact diagnosis and the health of the patient. Currently, a number of minimally intrusive treatment options exist. Dental devices that gently tease the lower jaw forward are very effective in preventing the tongue from blocking the main air passage, allowing the patient to breathe easily.  These dental devices are gentle, easy to wear, and often help patients avoid unwanted surgeries.