Dental Infection and Abscesses in Riverside

A dental abscess is an infection of the mouth or jaw that begins as tooth decay or cavity. Dental abscesses are extremely painful, and should be treated by a dental professional immediately. It is important to treat the infection before it spreads beyond the mouth or jaw line.

Symptoms of a Dental Abscess

Symptoms of a dental abscess should not slide4be ignored:

            • Sudden tooth pain
            • Pain when biting
            • Pain the gum or jaw area
            • Swelling, inflammation
            • Redness, tenderness
            • Fever
            • Bad breath

Left untreated, there are a number of complications that may occur:

  • Spread of infection to surrounding soft tissues and bone
  • Tooth loss and/or loss of surrounding soft tissues and bone

At Jurupa Springs Family Dentistry, treatment of dental abscesses includes medication (anti-biotic, pain relief), root canal and/or tooth extraction.

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