Teeth Whitening in Riverside

Many patients notice a yellowing of their teeth over time. Though in general teeth become cosmeticDentistrydarker or more yellow over time, this discoloration is often accelerated by personal habits—drinking coffee, tea, wine or tobacco use. Antibiotics and certain foods (carrots, oranges) can also cause discoloration. While regular teeth cleanings diminish a patient’s tooth stains, the cleaning do not always give you the brighter, whiter smile you want.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

The dental staff at Jurupa Springs Family Dentistry offers in-office teeth whitening treatments to patients looking for long-lasting, immediate results. Through the use of a hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel, we are able to break down the stains that sit inside the pores of your teeth enamel. The stains in the pores block light from shining through your teeth, making them appear more yellow and stained. When the stains are removed, less light is blocked, in turn making your teeth seem whiter.

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