Tooth Decay and Cavities in Riverside, CA

slide8Tooth decay is the most common oral condition and will ultimately affect most patients. Fortunately, tooth decay is highly treatable and is often preventable. Tooth decay leads to cavities—holes in the tooth enamel—allowing for bacteria to get into the tooth.

Tooth decay begins when plaque (a combination of food and bacteria) is left to sit on the tooth enamel. Oral bacteria thrive off of plaque, and the bacteria create an acidic waste that dissolves a tooth’s enamel. Over time, the acid from the bacteria will eat through the layer of enamel until it reaches the core of the tooth—the tooth pulp.

Cavity Symptoms

Cavities begin as a white spot on the tooth, and darken as they progress. If left untreated, cavities can result in infection, tooth loss and gum disease. There are a number of symptoms associated with a cavity:


  • Tooth Sensitivity
  • Tooth Pain
  • Pressure when biting down
  • A noticeable hole
  • Inflammation

Cavity Prevention at Jurupa Springs Family Dentistry

The best way to prevent cavities is through regular at-home oral hygiene and routine oral exams with a dental professional. We ensure patients in the Riverside area have access to the most current oral health treatments and care. Visiting us regularly for a check-up is the best defense against tooth decay.

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