Dental Exams in Riverside CA

Dental exams are a necessary part of preventative dental care. Routine exams provide toothExtractiondentists a baseline for the overall health of your mouth, and follow up routine visits ensure you maintain good oral health. At Jurupa Springs Family Dentistry, our hygienists will first provide a thorough cleaning of your teeth. This cleaning includes removal of plaque build-up, a cleansing of the teeth depressions and grooves, and flossing. Next, the dentist will screen for any abnormalities in the mouth soft tissues, and will check for tooth decay.

X-rays at Jurupa Springs Family Dentistry

Dental x-rays provide our capable dentists a more in depth look at your mouth and neck area. X-ray highlights underlying tooth decay, issues with bite and jaw alignment, and identify benign and malignant masses.  Our x-rays administer very small amounts of radiation, do not take long, and are painless. They are a key factor in gaining all we need to know in order to provide you the best oral care possible.

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