Dental Hygiene at Jurupa Springs Family Dentistry

We know not everyone is a fan of getting their teeth cleaned, so at Jurupa Springs Family Dentistry we dentalHygienemake your comfort our top priority. We work quickly and gently to guarantee we provide you with a thorough cleaning. Teeth cleanings are an essential component of dental hygiene and removes the plaque that daily brushing and flossing does not remove. Studies show that good oral health helps patients maintain overall well-being, and can be critical in preventing heart disease and stroke.

What You Can Expect

Routine professional teeth cleanings help prevent a number of oral conditions: gum disease, tooth loss, tooth staining, and bad breath. Our skilled hygienists will remove all plaque build-up, meticulously clean your teeth, and show you the proper technique for flossing. Also, our dentists will screen you for cavities and other oral conditions.

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At Jurupa Springs Family Dentistry, we recommend having your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year to maintain good oral health. Call us today at (800) 881-0393 to schedule your appointment with our capable dental staff.